How the cooler thermostat device?

by:Edison      2020-08-28

how air-conditioner temperature controller device?

air-conditioner temperature controller device in the freezer for commonly, and often and freezer lights together. With cross screwdriver to remove the thermostat cover on the two fixed screw. Forcibly seize the thermostat cover a little with the hand to pull the cover off, bear in mind that can't be too hard to avoid hard pull attached to wires. By card slot cover on the end fixed, therefore, not to push or pull down in the casing.

with cross screwdriver remove the two screws from the fixed thermostats, again small heart connection on the thermostat four wires plug ( Remove the former must remember which colour of wire and plug on the hvac thermostat which joint) 。 Gently, slowly put the plug on the inner wall of the freezer temperature control tube out ( Temperature control tube usually have tens of centimeters in length) And then put out the hvac thermostat.

device: the new hvac thermostat installation process and remove the old thermostat instead. The temperature control the inner wall of the tube into the refrigerator first; Put 4 different color wires plug to the thermostat on the corresponding joint; Then the thermostat with screw fixed on the outer garment; Push the cover has a bayonet platforms into the card slot, the other end with screws. This to end device. Electricity of commissioning, everything is normal, replace the thermostat success.

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