How to better the choose and buy electric heating thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

choose electric heating hvac thermostat elements:

a key: the thermostat is not a high-tech product, not blindly choose imported at any cost. More attention should be paid to control scheme of scheme, selection, especially do precise equipment, details about using the method.

key 2: avoid overly focused on model selection of the function, and even some fancy function, should pay attention to useful, ease of operation in the future. There are also many users when the choose and buy for all functions, intelligent, but use function and complain too messy, don't use, need much effort.

key 3: in addition to the special occasion, suggest that choose electric heating thermostat with internal control limit function, in the control room air temperature together, and can be tied to the ground temperature is too high.

key 4: electric heating thermostat end temperature control is comfortable sex, not high precision temperature control surface. Some do not understand the situation of customer begged arrived in accuracy of temperature control & plusmn; 0. 5 - 1 ℃, which is impossible, is also not necessary.

how accurate the choose and buy electric heating thermostat:

a, room should not be set temperature above 20 ℃, the maximum temperature 30 ℃ temperature is not higher than.

two electric heating hvac thermostat, selects the week programming time, this is now the most energy-efficient option.

three, water heating system in the diversity of water or on the heating pipes, equipped with electric valve is controlled by a thermostat on and off.

4, with a passive joint of the thermostat, control in cb and pump system.

5, to probe location close to the ground, as far as possible to make the test to the best represents the ground temperature, and never will probe close to the heating element.

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