How to choose and thermostatic valve, what is the meaning of thermostatic valve is installed

by:Edison      2020-09-05
Third, the choose and buy of thermostatic valve know that the main factors that influence the properties of thermostatic radiator valves, let's take a look at how to select the high performance of the thermostatic valve. Bulb thermostatic valve manufacturer to introduce the choice of the thermostatic valve brand on the market and various kinds, bulb medium mainly can be divided into the following three: package solid temperature, liquid temperature bag, the gas temperature package; Solid state bulb a longer reaction time, feel the room temperature lag, but has great execution, in case of need to valve can be completely shut up; Gaseous bulb short reaction time, responding quickly to room temperature deviation, but in some cases, the valve closed tightly may happen; And package liquid temperature reaction time is moderate, the execution is moderate, is a good bulb medium, is also the mainstream imported brand preferred temperature medium. Body material

the thermostatic valve body material is good or not directly affects the service life of the valve body, choose the material with high corrosion resistance can prolong the service life of the valve. Currently on the market are mostly use the brass material, a small amount of the product will use higher performance of gun metal.

the executive force of the spring in the thermostatic valve valve core is the executive force of the spring in the constant temperature valve core will directly affect the adhesion of valve. If the constant temperature valve core used in spring with poor execution, after heating season, thermostatic valve has been closed, when the heating system using the thermostatic valve, will find thermostatic valve has the adhesion situation, radiators without water, always need to use pliers will be pulled up to the valve core to normal use, it will bring unnecessary trouble to households. And with high executive force of spring, even if the valve has been in a state of closure, also won't appear adhesion, spring always have enough execution can separate the valve core and valve base, late can make maintenance easier. Thermostatic valve core of the thermostatic valve sealing performance in adhesion is not only related to the executive force of the spring inside the thermostatic valve core, and also has relations with the sealing performance at the ends of the spring, if the spring rusting, will weaken the executive force of spring. Therefore, we need to do sealing with spring, prevent it from contact with the water. Generally think that as long as the spring under the disposal of the waterproof seal is enough, but it's not that good in the thermostatic valve core for spring are set the seal on both ends of the up and down, the bottom of the sealing ring is to prevent to into the spring of the water in the radiator, the upper part of the sealing ring is to prevent moisture from the atmosphere into the rust occurs in the spring, which can guarantee the spring in a state of completely without water, will not rust, guarantees the high execution. Four, thermostatic valve installed energy-saving significance of the south market of household radiator will consider the long-term use of energy saving, to start point is often obvious radiator itself, but users often ignore the installation of radiator is a whole system engineering, radiator is just at the end of the equipment, if not from the perspective of the overall system, even spent a large amount of money to buy imported radiator is wasted effort. In fact, and it is important to choose appropriate thermostatic valve of energy-saving measures. Quote from the European building energy saving standards EPBD part of research materials, radiator is the main factors of energy efficiency design ( 1) The radiator is equipped with automatic temperature control valve ( TRV) ( 2) The radiator installation in the right place - — Under the bed, 3) Low temperature heating: advocate lower water temperature to satisfy the above three conditions can reach 94% of the cooling efficiency, and if only to satisfy the first item, has already can guarantee 88% efficiency, sufficient visible thermostatic valve ( TRV) The importance of efficiency of radiator. We know that the radiator system needs by hot water, Or other fluid) To transfer heat, but due to the different pressure drop at the end, the pipe length is inconsistent, the attachment pressure drop due to reasons such as will result in different system has the actual flow can't reach the required flow situation, this is called 'the hydraulic imbalance' - — Have arisen or near the water pump at the end of the stream, and far from the pump at the end of the owe flow. Will lead to near the water pump at the end of the room temperature is too high, and the remote room is too cold. Proximal room winter may need to open the window 'heat', a waste of energy consumption, and the remote room even though the valve open to big also can't improve the room temperature.
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