How to correct the central air conditioner thermostat switch panel don't burn the components

by:Edison      2020-08-26

every day received a two-way about not answering calls LCD hvac thermostat switch panel of central air conditioning, sometimes customers call words themselves after good central air conditioner thermostat panel does not display, some problems of have no reaction, if this is the case most because of the wrong line the inside of the LCD thermostat panel electronic burn out, today, time will tell how to correct the central air conditioner hvac thermostat switch panel are not burn out components.

after I receive my central air conditioner thermostat switch, first check whether the outer packing in good condition, check in the central air conditioning LCD hvac thermostat form a complete set of data, usually we sent out the central air conditioning LCD thermostat switch panel has manual, containing a detailed introduction of the central air conditioner thermostat, instructions, parameters and installation and the installation drawing, etc. And two central air conditioner thermostat with special screw, outside have protective film and the certificate of approval. Central air conditioner thermostat panel wiring must access to the wire and the zero line, it is also need to pay attention to don't answer the reverse, our thermostat panel marked very clear, and need access to the wind speed of the fan, have a plenty of two speed, have a plenty of three speed, according to their own actual situation.

look at how to correct the central air conditioner thermostat switch panel don't burn the components you? What do you think, if you have central air conditioner thermostat wiring method can better communicate with each other.

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