How to determine whether the thermostat damage?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

how to determine whether the thermostat damage? Position where put the selector in refrigeration air conditioner on cooling down, the examination of the thermostat.

( 1) The thermostat knob screw to low or lowest temperature ( Large scale digital or maximize. ) , if not starting compressor, the compressor is normal, can be sure the thermostat contacts cannot be closed, usually due to thermal bags agent of heat leakage. Should replace the same specifications of the thermostat.

( 2) Screw the thermostat knob to a higher or falling in to the highest degree ( Small scale digital or 1 point) , if the compressor is still without a stop, the hvac thermostat contacts adhesion, can't disconnect. Should the replacement of the thermostat.

( 3) Check the hvac thermostat for parts damage, such as adjusting screw, spring, etc. , if there are any new thermostat damage should be replaced.

cold heat pump air conditioner switch function is to control the electromagnetic four-way valve reversing. Press the cold heat switch, can I plug in the electromagnetic four-way valve coil circuit, make the reversing, air conditioner refrigeration and heating transformation.

electromagnetic four-way valve is one of the vulnerable parts, it is a failure occurs, heat pump air conditioner can't work for cold and hot state switch. Common faults of electromagnetic four-way valve are: electromagnetic coil burned, membrane damage in the valve, gas leak, jams, etc. After failure occurs, usually replace the same specifications of the product.

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