How to improve the service life of electric temperature control valve?

by:Edison      2020-09-25

in the industrial automation instrument, temperature control valve is a product that nots allow to ignore, such as electric temperature control valve, self-reliance type temperature control valve are more important in terms of energy saving products types, therefore is very essential to learn how to use thermostatic valve, now we please self type temperature control valve research experts to teach you a few action method to improve the service life of the temperature control valve.

the first is to make the temperature control valve as far as possible from the start in the biggest opening on the work, such as 90%. So, cavitation and erosion damage occurred in self-reliance type temperature control valve on the valve core of the head. As the valve core damage, traffic increases, the corresponding temperature control valve to close, so constantly, gradually close, make whole self-reliance type temperature control valve core, make full use of all until the valve core roots and sealing surface damage, cannot use. Work at the same time, the large opening the throttle gap is big, erosion is abate, this is more than the start self-reliance type temperature control valve on the degree of openness of the middle and small open work can improve the life of more than 1 ~ 5 times.

another way to increase with the decrease of S is through the opening work to increase the service life of self-reliance type temperature control valve. Reduce S, namely, increasing system in addition to the regulating valve, make the distribution on the temperature control valve pressure drop is reduced, in order to guarantee the flow through the temperature control valve, inevitably increase the opening, at the same time, the temperature control valve on the pressure drop decreases, and gets the corrosion, erosion is also reduced. After the concrete measures are: temperature control valve orifice throttling pressure drop consumption; Closed tube series of manual valve on the road, to the temperature control valve to obtain the ideal job.

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