How to maintain the home air conditioning

by:Edison      2020-08-31
< P> household central air conditioner hvac thermostat maintenance < / P> < P> note: always check the air conditioner electrical plug and socket contacts are in good condition, if discovery is unusual, should take corresponding measures according to the circumstance.

note 2: the water system should pay attention to whether the pipe joint leakage. If multiple online system and wind mill always observe the interface part of the air conditioner refrigerant piping system refrigerant leakage.

note 3: water systems and wind pipe to wash filter regularly. General 2 - 3 weeks to clean again.

note 4: many online household central air conditioning to regular cleaning air conditioner condenser and evaporator coil, using brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the coil.

note 5: when the air conditioner should stop for a long time, to deal with a comprehensive cleaning air conditioner. Only after cleaning air conditioner fan, about 2 - operation 3 hours, dry air conditioner inside, then use dust sets of air conditioner set well.

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