How to operate the mechanical adjustable thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-22
With the rapid development of home appliance industry, more and more is also high to the requirement of temperature controller. Average temperature controller is hard to meet such requirement. As a result, the mechanical adjustable temperature controller arises at the historic moment. Mechanical adjustable hvac thermostat for temperature control of industrial and household appliances. Next let's take a look at the working principle of mechanical adjustable temperature controller. Working principle: using constant temperature from the components of the bimetallic strip as a thermistor reaction. When temperature increases, the heat generated by the transferred to the double metal plate. When the temperature to the expected value, the bimetallic strip, and through the institution will contact open or closed. When the temperature dropped to reset the temperature set point, the bimetallic strip will quickly recover and make the contact closure or disconnected, and then connect contact, to connect or disconnect the circuit to control the circuit. Main features: fixed working temperature, reliable operation, no arc, long service life, reliable performance, compact structure, complete functions, low price and so on, mainly used in the circuit need to change with the temperature automatic switch, the instrument of temperature controlled at a constant temperature range, also known as the limit switch or instantaneous temperature mutations bimetallic temperature controller. Control mode: there are mainly two kinds: automatic reset and manual reset manually reset - When the temperature rises, the contact automatically open; When the controller temperature drop, contact can be reset by manual key and closed again. Automatic reset - As the temperature increases, the internal contact open or close automatically. One, the equipment can automatically feel the temperature of the surrounding, and according to the temperature control and comfortable environment temperature. Second, the operation of the machine than it used to be simple and clear, and everyone can easily control it, so we will be more convenient to use. Third, the improved machine service life is longer and longer, save money for our customers. Fourth, the work mode has become diversified, the start, not a single, and you want to run several routes. Above is the working principle of mechanical adjustable temperature controller and characteristics. Mechanical adjustable temperature controller has many applications in our life. If in use process fails, must ask professional maintenance personnel for repair. Please or replaced, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.
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