How to pick a good mix water valve is also appears very important

by:Edison      2020-09-10
How to choose mix water valve leading in hutch defends installed hardware, mix water valve leading occupy very important position. Constant mix water valve small make up to you to introduce how to quickly choose the good mix water valve. Methods/tools/raw material 1 root cotton step 1 see appearance. Good leading soft appearance, streamlined design, gives delicate and thick feeling, and outlet design is exquisite, is equipped with built-in filter ( Better leader will also has a removable filter) 。 2

ok weight. Good bibcock is heavy, average single-hole mix water valve leading weighs about 2 kilograms.

3 repeatedly throw mix water valve switch. Sealed in and out of the gate, and then open switch, good water sealing is very good, you can feel the suction handle is obvious, and flexible. 4 cotton swab to tap the internal pipeline. Look to whether have rust and other impurities, good faucet inside very clean. More than 5 completes the project and then ask the price and the warranty time. In cities, for example, good leading mix water valve at least 180 yuan of above, and at least 2 years warranty
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