How to quickly identify the quality of the floor heating thermostat?

by:Edison      2020-08-25
Floor heating thermostat is indispensable in the management of heating and cooling system control components, just like the human brain manipulated the job management system. Industry insiders revealed, floor heating hvac thermostat is mainly composed of integrated circuit ( Contains a variety of resistor, capacitor, transformer components, integrated IC, automotive relays, etc. ) And some external shell materials such as composition, temperature controller still have external humidity sensor configuration, the material cost is the main material cost of the thermostat. How quick and easy to identify the actor bad of character of floor heating thermostat? A, adopt the thermostat is the main standard & other A penny a points goods & throughout; Goods, need not only to a temporary deal to purchase order. Second, the exterior. Quality fine detail and touch feel good hvac thermostat usually more to ensure quality. Three, if the customer for electronics goods relative to grasp, you can open the thermostat, see its internal technical solution is beautiful and easy, smooth, whether the electronic components with a standard well-known brand products. Four, the thermostat address the famous brand production region and the harm of quality is. Five, the external shell from the hvac thermostat (s) to identify and order the story of the thermostat materials generally adopt the second order ABS material, good thermostat joke general fire safety PC materials produced, but after fire the difference between the quality of products. Six, the warranty period. The warranty period is 1 year commonly - away from the thermostat (s) The equilibrium of supply and demand of 2 years, 3 years warranty period of enterprises. Quality expectations, in general, if a shorter thermostat, its quality, the most this, no doubt. Floor heating thermostat in floor heating system is particularly important, not so keen on gaining petty advantages will choose at will.
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