How to reasonably modulation of the thermostatic valve installed?

by:Edison      2020-09-08
How to reasonably modulation of the thermostatic valve installed? Thermostatic valve manufacturer to introduce as many customers friends learned, thermostatic valve, mix water valve and so on all is one of the important accessories products, solar water heater installation used to promote the efficiency of the solar water heater, existing on the use of the thermostatic valve in the process of how to make reasonable modulation? 1, in front of the closed pressure reducing valve switch valve, open the valve after the switch valve, manufacture electric water heater thermostatic valve swim under high pressure;

2, will change modulation coal electricity mix water valve screw counterclockwise rotation to mix water valve to control the reversing valve pipe engineering constant mix water valve position ( Solar energy mix water valve outlet pressure) Heat pump to mix water valve, then close after the pressure reducing valve switch valve;

3, gradually open the valve in front of the coal electric thermostatic valve on-off valve to fully open; 4, clockwise rotation modulation screw gradually, will export the pressure (pressure switch to demands The table after the valve pressure shall prevail) ; After mediation good solar thermostatic valve, thermostatic valve lock big heat pump diameter thermostatic valve 5, nut lock tight, thermostatic valve open after the pressure reducing valve gate valve project. According to the above five aspects of simple introduction, hope to be able to help customers friend smoothly thermostatic valve installation to use, the use of lifting equipment effectiveness and efficiency to provide support to help.
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