How to use the normal electric floor heating thermostat

by:Edison      2020-09-22

electric heating cable floor heating is a line a thermostat. Is a district heating electricity floor heating thermostat. Customers in the use of electrical heating floor, because floor heating is temperature control system, a lot of customers in the use of floor heating, with temperature control system to achieve the energy saving effect of heating system, but in the use of misunderstanding between the following points:

error one, it is on or off more energy efficient

some customers in order to save electricity, often when someone to open the thermostat, don't have to shut down the thermostat, when I was in fact the wrong. Electricity floor heating system is running a low temperature, due to the general heating cable is laid in concrete, concrete need to heating to keep them warm. So the heating cable floor radiant heating system has good heat resistance, in this case the use effect of floor heating system with hysteresis. That is to say, after the open system need some time to make the room temperature reaches set temperature, the indoor temperature after shut down the system won't fell rapidly, take a long time to reduce temperature. Such not only less than the energy saving effect of floor heating system, but also increase the operating cost of heating system, at the same time, frequent open or close the heating system will reduce the service life of floor heating system.

the right approach:

not commonly used room can put the temperature down a few degrees, in a long time to leave the house when cut several times, just put the thermostat temperature for a long time not to live or to leave for a long time can choose relationship under the condition of system, but it's important to note that if you have any equipment or piping afraid of freezing room, open or want to watch frosty temperature to prevent the equipment or pipeline.

error (2) set high temperature warming faster

some users feel the room temperature is low, need to the rapid increase in the temperature of the thermostat set to the highest, this approach is also wrong. Room temperature rise time depends on the indoor and outdoor temperature difference and the installation of power per unit area of the room. Under the condition of the installation power and a certain temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, no matter how many degrees, you set it to room temperature to you need time is the same, if your room is now 16 ℃, you want to let the room temperature 18 ℃, in this case you set up 18 ℃ and you set up 20 ℃ and 25 ℃ temperature 18 ℃ to time is the same.

the right approach:

how many degrees set how much, or the adoption of intelligent temperature controller, electric floor heating thermostat can automatically calculate the hvac thermostat opened ahead of time.

error three, all temperature

many users in setting temperature, room temperature required for setting according to oneself, but after the temperature setting is good but not set heating effect. Actually the thermostat according to the detection methods are divided into ground temperature, room temperature and double temperature. Ground temperature thermostat is to detect the ground temperature to control the ground temperature; Room temperature thermostat is to detect the indoor air temperature to control indoor temperature; Double temperature thermostat is to control the ground from the highest temperature control of indoor temperature, the average surface temperature can not be adjusted, but some good thermostat can set the highest temperature of ground temperature. In appearance the thermostat difference is not big, easy to cause misunderstanding. Ground temperature and room temperature is different, at the time of setting temperature to distinguish between ground temperature thermostat and room temperature thermostat, general geothermal temperature setting of the thermostat is higher than that of room temperature thermostat setting temperature, if the ground temperature hvac thermostat according to room temperature thermostat to set the room is not hot.

the right approach:

in setting temperature to determine the type of the thermostat, according to the different types of thermostat set different temperature. Temperature control system is the key to the floor heating system energy conservation operation, no matter what the nature of the floor heating system, when use shall comply with the relevant specification, do not affect the floor heating system due to incorrect use of the heating effect.

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