How to use the thermostat to achieve real energy saving

by:Edison      2020-08-24
More and more families use electric heating system. How to save energy has become a problem concerned by many people. In addition to building insulation, temperature control is also one of the key to energy conservation. Some installation of electric heater users when needed always open the thermostat, just turn it off when you're on. They think it can save electricity. In fact, it will not save energy, but will consume more energy. So how to use the thermostat to achieve real energy saving? When it is necessary to open the hvac thermostat, door closed thermostat, it consumes energy. Electric heating system is a kind of good heat storage performance of low temperature operation system. System is turned on, it takes time to make the room temperature reaches set temperature, but the system is turned off, indoor temperature not falling fast, open again, make temperature rise again also needs a long time. Frequent switching is not only can save energy, and increased the operation of the heating system costs. Less common room thermostat can be used to trim. When you leave the room for a long time, you only need to reduce the temperature of the thermostat a few degrees. When you leave the room for a long time, can choose to shut down the system. It is important to note, however, if the room has a fear of the frozen equipment, should be open. Frosty reaches a certain temperature, prevent the equipment or pipeline. Some users feel low room temperature, it is necessary to rapidly rising, to set the temperature of the thermostat, and this is wrong. Room temperature heating time depends on the installation of power per unit area and temperature difference between indoor and outdoor room. When installing a power and a fixed temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, no matter how many degrees, room set up to the required temperature time is the same. If the room is 16 degrees now, you want to increase the room temperature to 18 degrees. In this case, set the room temperature for 18 or 20 degrees, 25 degrees and heated to 18 degrees is at the same time. According to the need to set up any degree, or the use of intelligent thermostat, can automatically calculate the thermostat open time in advance.
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