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by:Edison      2020-08-21
Water heater is basically all have a kind of home appliances, to control the hot water temperature of the thermostat are very important. Although say in every day we have to use the water heater, but for the working principle of water heater hvac thermostat is what? We may not be very understand, so let's introduce. Principle of water heater thermostat temperature controller is a kind of using thermal liquid heat bilges cold shrink and incompressible principle and implementation of automatic adjustment device, can make the temperature in the cabinet within the prescribed scope change. Rise and fall, when the control temperature thermal expansion or contraction of corresponding to the liquid can pass small open or heat medium, in order to achieve the rise and fall of temperature. By temperature sensor automatic sampling, real-time monitoring to the ambient temperature, the temperature controller when the environment temperature is higher than the control set point control circuit starts, you can set the control back to the poor. Cooling fans of relay contact termination case, set a temperature 28 degrees, such as when the temperature inside the case beyond 28 degrees, for the low level control end, relay is closed, the fan start to heat dissipation. Electric water heater is done through the thermostat and broken heating and heating, heat preservation of the concept of ordinary is heated for a short period of time. When heated, still with the rated power of the water heater. After the circuit connected, if the water temperature is less than 50 ℃ ( Most of the brand set critical temperature) , start heating thermostat automatically switched on, water heater, water heater water temperature reached preset temperature ( Most of the brand is 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃) , the thermostat to disconnect the water heater stop heating. So-called insulation, is complete by the water heater thermal insulation layer to complete, as the water temperature from time to time to land, until the below 50 ℃, again beginning heating water heater. Cycling, completed the so-called heat preservation. Heat lamp quantity, the water heater is not electricity, close to the theory of zero power, zero power consumption. When heated, water heater USES a rated power. To understand the water heater heat preservation of uniform power, look at the kingdom specification can. Values are roughly, even without a drop of water, water heater only & other; Heat preservation & throughout; The power consumption at about 2 degrees of / 24 hours. The above is to introduce about the working principle of water heater and hvac thermostat works, understand its working principle, we can know how it works. When it fails, we can accurately determine which part is the problem, also can make the response processing, are helpful to maintenance the water heater.
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