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On March 11th, 2019, Zhuhai Edison Co., Ltd. Smart Home Co., Ltd. attended ISH Trade Fair , which is one of the important exhibitions in the industry. Edison's booth number is Hall 1.2 H10. It was held in Frankfurt. The exhibition is the largest one held in Frankfurt this year.

Edison prepared specially for this exhibition so as to introduce our products to visitors better. Previously,our employees sent to the exhibition were trained for professional knowledge about 1/2F Angle Valve for Radiator W11-V01, 15MM Straight Radiator Valve W11-1911, and Mini TMV W39-N1400 we displayed. We are happy to see that our products attracted a lot attention from customers. It makes us more confident that we will achieve greater success in the near future. We got a great opportunity to communicate with customers through taking part in this exhibition. Exchanging with customers makes us know what efforts we should put in our products in the future.

With years of familiarity and expertise in this work area, Edison has evolved as an affluent manufacturer and supplier in the market, and there is a great possibility that the company will have a better development in the future. our team is engaged in offering a commendable range of Thermostatic mixing valve, thermostats, temperature controllers. In the exhibition our company displayed 1/2F Angle Valve for Radiator W11-V01, 15MM Straight Radiator Valve W11-1911, Mini TMV W39-N1400, and Thermostatic Mixing Valve (EMIX2&3) W39-E2241 22mm to customers. Products we displayed in the exhibition are with high quality. Their features include thermostatic, anti-scald, energy saving, water safety, life comfort, control smart, , and . They have many advantages, such as certified to meet customers’ quality policy as well as the first Chinese supplier to obtain CUPC, NSF TMV2/TMV3, WARS, EN215 Certifications in North America, Europe and Australia.. Customers in the exhibition thought highly of the products we displayed. They were highly acclaimed by previous users, and the number of orders of our displayed products amounted to in average per year .

It is a great pleasure for us to take part in this exhibition because we benefit a lot from it. we hopes we can establish business relationships with more customers in the future. Welcome to contact our team! You are also welcome to visit our website to learn more information.
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