Independent control system and conventional air conditioning system

by:Edison      2020-08-27
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to environmental protection is our country in recent years has been stressed and vigorously to implement problem, fan coil hvac thermostat can also be seen in the various industries, many companies are also positive to do. Is particularly important for the air conditioning industry, energy conservation and emissions reduction policy, no matter the major design institute and equipment manufacturers, should respond to national policy. At present, the temperature and humidity independent control system has become a focus of China's hvac industry. The room temperature and humidity independent control system air conditioning heat and moisture load processing, respectively has the characteristic such as comfortable, energy-saving, temperature and humidity independent control system compared with conventional air conditioning system energy saving 25% ~ 40%, and air conditioning systems usually adopt no condensate water fan coil units, as the end of the room air conditioning sensible heat load handling equipment. Design institute should be considered early in the design of building energy-saving effect of building air conditioning system as a whole, through to the overall system energy saving design, make the efficient operation of the air conditioning equipment, so as to achieve energy saving effect of the system as a whole. As an equipment manufacturer, also should further tap potential in the design and development of new products, improve the energy saving of the equipment operation. In April 2009, we have no condensate water fan coil units to develop and test research, the purpose is to explore under the condition of the related regulations, how to improve the no condensate in the amount of cooling air conditioning unit at the same time, reduce the power consumption of the unit itself, and to improve its energy saving effect of monomer equipment at run time.

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