Installation of solar water heater entangled with the thermostatic valve have what good? Look at this, ordinary people do not tell him

by:Edison      2020-09-07
Water heater is the role of the thermostatic valve is to ensure that the water temperature constant temperature stability, let a person more comfortable in the shower. Also to single tube with water bath if appear in the process of cold and hot bath water, automatic water instantly, prevent scalds and catch a cold; Hot and cold water imports is equipped with one-way valve Settings prevent back in the mix of cold hot water and cold water to the water heater caused by water heater water phenomenon. But to avoid the summer scalded water heater temperature is too high. Thermostatic valve to install water heater thermostatic valve installation method is very simple actually. Only need to plug in the cold water pipe and hot water pipe can be achieved to adjust temperature of water. Thermostatic valve pipe manufacturer to remind on the hot and cold water supply pipe, the installation instructions. 1, red, or '+' for the hot water mark, blue or '- 'For the cold water mark. 2, after the set temperature, such as water temperature or pressure change, the water temperature values within plus or minus 2 ℃. 3, if the hot and cold water pressure is inconsistent, should be in the water inlet equipped with one-way check valve to prevent cold and hot water mix. More than 4, if the cold and hot water pressure ratio 3:1 should be equipped with current limiting pressure reducing valve in the side of the pressure to ensure that the mixed water valve adjust properly. 5, debugging at maximum temperature should be put out of the water flow. 6, adjust NiuZheng spin direction is cooling, inverse rotation direction is heating up, the first adjustment notice from low temperature to high temperature direction adjustment, to avoid scald. 7, if cold, hot water feed water pressure is inconsistent, and there is no one-way check valve installation, please note that after each use, dispatch temperature adjustment knob to low temperature direction at the end of the closed state of hot water, mix to prevent cold and hot bath water. 8, when choosing and installation, please pay attention to the nominal pressure and mix water temperature range is consistent with product parameters. If you really don't know, simple and direct, a skilled master.
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