Intelligent temperature controller fresh air to the household

by:Edison      2020-08-29

all smart products in the final analysis depends on the abundant energy. Energy saving, is the demand of the smart home is the most fundamental, intelligent energy-saving is a new generation of energy saving technology development direction. Smart thermostats than for the user to create a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, to solve the user more more practical energy-saving requirements.

you may not think of, in shutdown state, the standby energy consumption of air conditioning power is 3. 47, color TV 8. 07 w, PC host 35. 07, display 7. 69 watts, but we just close the switch after work and the electric phenomenon is not uncommon in standby mode.

the hvac thermostat manufacturer based on intelligent energy-saving technology research for many years, remote control launch cloud, the cloud temperature controller, switch of cloud, the cloud socket and a series of intelligent energy-saving hvac thermostat products, through a mobile phone APP, can realize the energy saving of air conditioning, water machines and other office appliances intelligent, easy in intelligent office and reasonable use all kinds of electrical appliances, put an end to waste electricity.

you can set up the office air conditioning temperature upper and lower, such as setting the refrigeration temperature is 26 ℃, set the heating temperature is 20 ℃. According to the domestic and foreign related research shows that when the air conditioning refrigeration, set temperature every increase 1 ℃, power saving 8% ~ 10%, as will enable the temperature limit management functions of cooling during the summer air-conditioner temperature limit in 26 ℃ above, more than 24 ℃ over a long period of air conditioning temperature can power saving 20%, excessive use of air conditioning for a long time, temperature limit management of energy saving effect is very significant.

the hvac thermostat manufacturer energy-saving intelligent temperature control products, can through the mobile phone in the office of air conditioning and hot water machine of intelligent control has a variety of ways and means to achieve the effect of low carbon energy saving, electricity saving. Let you enjoy comfortable office environment and improve the work efficiency and realize energy-saving.
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