Introduction and working principle of the thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-28

the hvac thermostat, refers to the temperature change according to the working environment, physical deformation inside the switch occurs, resulting in a certain special effect, produce a series of automatic control of the conduction or disconnect the action element, also called temperature control switch, temperature controller, temperature protection, hereinafter referred to as the hvac thermostat. Or by temperature protector will temperature to the temperature controller, temperature controller switch command, to control the operation of the equipment in order to achieve the ideal temperature and energy saving effect.

the thermostat application range is very wide, according to the different types of hvac thermostat used in home appliances, motor, cooling or heating, and many other products.


its working principle is through the temperature sensor for temperature automatic sampling, real-time monitoring, when the environment temperature is higher than the control set point control circuit starts, you can set the control back to the poor. Such as the temperature rose, when reaches the set point of transfinite alarm temperature, start the transfinite alarm function. When controlled temperature can not get effective control, in order to prevent the destruction of the equipment can be controlled by the function of the trip to stop the equipment to continue running. Mainly used in electric power departments use all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry type transformer, box-type substation, and other related temperature using field.

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