Introduction to connection of adjustable thermostat capacity

by:Edison      2020-08-27

discuss meaning of central air conditioner hvac thermostat adjustable hvac thermostat capacity should have suitable capacity and reliable electricity line connection, and to have reliable grounding line. Note carefully adjust the room temperature. High room temperature set 1 degree in refrigeration, whereas in the heating room temperature 2 degrees lower, so the two methods all can save electricity above 10 degrees, and almost unaware of temperature difference of the human body. Regular cleaning filter. Can jam dust filter mesh, reduce the cooling effect, so in order to guarantee the cleaning effect should be half or so. As little as possible to open doors and Windows, use of heavy, pervious to light the small curtain can reduce the room inside and outside the heat exchange, to save electricity. Don't block the outlet, otherwise would also reduce the cooling effect, will be quite a waste of electricity. Adjust the outlet wind leaf, choose suitable Angle, the wind out of cold air is heavier than air, easy to sink, and the warm air, on the other hand. When refrigeration so outlet should be upward, otherwise heating outlet should be down, the temperature efficiency is greatly increased. Connecting pipe can't too long, the in easy outdoor cooling, indoor and outdoor connecting pipe as far as possible do not exceed recommended length, can enhance the cooling effect. To clean the condenser surface on a regular basis. Because in condenser in refrigeration air-conditioning plays an important role, but in the use of air conditioning, the surface will form a water mist, and condenses the dust in the air, keep the surface clean is also very important.

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