LCD thermostat to cause fire

by:Edison      2020-09-24

LCD thermostat security indoor temperature and set temperature, long-term operation of fan coil fan and electric valves, modulation of indoor air temperature, ease the ideal of saving energy. Applicable to the two tube/four disciplines, secondary/third line electric three-way valve, three-speed fan coil operation. A road on RS485 network interface ( FC270C have only) To access to the building automation system operation. Popularity as a senior office buildings, star hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, folk houses, etc.

degree of electric water heater LCD thermostat made of copper metal contact, in view of the copper is sensitive to heat from the cold slightly so the temperature didn't get to the set value, the shape of a copper sheet metal is winding, nowadays it is closed on contact. Water when the water is heated to set the temperature of the heat conduction to copper copper given above in LCD thermostat heated straight will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. During the temperature decrease copper back to its original state to contact on heat into electricity. 。

LCD thermostat, it is a take coat has a bimetallic strip new LCD hvac thermostat. LCD thermostat role is back in the early of each electric heating specification sieving critical heat for a long time, unusual and thermal fuse communicate to use. LCD thermostat as a major maintenance, thermal fuse in LCD thermostat damage as secondary maintenance, both strong collaboration, avoid burn out electric equipment and therefore caused by the fire.

the first under the will and the power cord, sensing line of fan and LCD thermostat well matched and electricity check: if equal three-phase temperature performance in general, there is no problem with alarm overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator respite, hand touched panel manually or active button, indicator, if the fan fan should launch more affects manual or active button, indicator respite fan, the fan should suspend movement, can work normally reasoning LCD hvac thermostat.

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