Little secret fan coil soft connection

by:Edison      2020-09-04
Ninety percent of people know that the fan coil and soft connection joints to be used, but all know this is why, fan coil units of a few what's the import and export are all clear? Fan coil units from a total of three, in turn, lined up on pipe, outlet pipe, pressure pipe, and condensate pipes. Fan coil is mainly rely on water cycle with the help of heat transmission, natural need to move in and out of the gate; Fan coil units in cold and hot air exchange, because certain physical reason produces some water droplets, known as condensed water, also need to drain the water, so just can have condensing exhaust pipe. This is fan coil units on three functions of nozzle. Fan coil soft connection of little secret fan coil soft connection types are mainly rubber hose and metal hose type, general wind plate in and out of the water hose can use metal hose, hose used here is the main purpose of have the effect of vibration reduction, but also brings the different buffer vibration stress, greatly reduces the fan coil noise problem; Condensed water pipe connection to use the function of soft connection, in addition to the vibration, reduce noise, there is a bigger reason is convenient condensate blocking maintenance, fan coil soft condensed water pipe connection usually use transparent rubber hose, so that we can at any time convenient to observe state of condensed water and pipeline jam. Condensed water pipe blockage, sometimes need to remove the pipe down, if use metal hose, it is not convenient to observe, and secondly is metal hose for many times loading and unloading easy to take off a silk, the rubber hose we can avoid this problem very well, so the cooling soft connection can choose rubber hose, and for the back ShuiGuanChu will choose metal hose connection. Fan coil soft connection little secret fan coil hose length shoulds not be too long, affects the output of water, and it is best to make a certain slope, fan coil installation professionals know all.
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