Main functions and characteristics of the central air conditioning three-speed switch

by:Edison      2020-09-04
Three-speed switch

the central air conditioning main functions and characteristics of the

three speed control, temperature control switch used in fan coil wind speed by changing the three central air-conditioning fan speed, adjust the size of the fan coil air output, thus achieve the purpose of adjusting indoor temperature.

the central air conditioning, three-speed switch, fan-coil three-speed switch the toggle switch knob type is used to switch the fan coil level 3 wind.

WSK5 - 3 central air-conditioning three-speed switch with flame retardant ABS shell materials manufacturing, size is general type 86 panel design, on the high, medium and low three gears are embedded lights, three-speed switch wiring simple, classic style, reliable quality.

the main functions and characteristics of the

low standard 86 x 86 mm size, ultra-thin design

low appearance concise and easy

low on/off the fan

low regulating fan speed


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