Meaning of central air conditioning use temperature controller to control fan operation

by:Edison      2020-08-28

meaning of central air conditioner thermostat to control the fan running

1, the automatic mode, automatic mode switch of the fan and fan speed by the current indoor temperature and set temperature difference in temperature. For example when indoor temperature and set temperature when the temperature difference is bigger, the hvac thermostat will start on the heating ( Or refrigeration) Equipment using large wind speed at the same time to speed up the heat transfer between air and equipment, to make heat ( Or cold quantity) As soon as possible by into indoor; When indoor temperature very close to the set temperature, the system does not to the indoor cooling ( Or hot) , the fan will stop running. 2, manual mode, the operation of the fan is locked for normally open rather than determined by the size of the set temperature and indoor temperature. Fan speed control by the user through the slide switches or set the system menu to decide. 3, moisture protection function, for a long time there is no use room, especially in hot and humid regions of indoor air quality becomes poor, moist air may also cause indoor corrosion and mould of the item. Moisture protection function is in order to avoid excessive humidity of the air in the case of lack of air flow cause bad effects to the room. When you enable this feature, the hvac thermostat control fan every certain time interval automatically is up and running for a period of time to maintain indoor air circulation.

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