Mechanical thermostat straight will contact bounce off into power

by:Edison      2020-09-23

mechanical testing indoor temperature constant temperature controller and the design temperature for a long time, the control of fan coil fan and electric water valve, regulate indoor temperature, stable and special ideal. Applicable to the two tube/four steward, secondary/third line pulse valve, three speed control of fan coil units. With RS485 interface (online road FC270C have only) To access the building automation system. Popularity for first class party, star-rated hotels, clubs, airports, high-speed, venues, residence, etc.

mechanical electric water heater temperature control USES copper pieces of metal to create contact area, because copper is sensitive to heat from the cold particularly so in the period of the setting of the temperature have come, copper metal is the shape of the front, now it is closed to cut off the contact. Water when the water is heated to set the temperature of the thermal effect leads to the mechanical constant temperature controller in copper copper because heated straight above will contact bounce off into a state of power cuts. During temperature drop of copper and return to original state contact cut into electricity heating condition. 。

mechanical constant temperature controller, it is a belt scale possessing bimetallic strip new mechanical constant temperature controller. Mechanical hvac thermostat primary purpose is for each electric heating specification too hot hot spells for a long time, common and thermal fuse in use. Mechanical constant temperature controller is used as the important maintenance, mechanical damage when the constant temperature controller is used as a secondary thermal fuse in maintenance, to jointly develop two results, avoid burn out electric heating component and thus also being caused by an accident.

will start the mechanical constant temperature controller and the power cord, sensing the fan wire connected to the mechanical constant temperature controller, electric research: if the three-phase temperature show basic balance, like clockwork alarm toghter overtemperature alarm lamp and trip indicator respite, hand move panel or active button manually, fan indicator, if the fan should be started again by manual or active button, indicator respite fan, the fan should be interrupted motions, can distinguish basic mechanical hvac thermostat homework everyday.

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