Mix water valve cycle and radiation floor heating need?

by:Edison      2020-09-06
Mix water valve cycle and radiation floor heating need? We have six floor heating area, but does not mix water valve or thermometer. We have hardwood, in various parts of the house covered with carpet. Hardwood beneath the water temperature is too high, now under the wood. Thermostatic valve manufacturers are trying to determine whether need to install the mix water valve, make the heating system safety and operational, or if they are just a 'good'. Theory is under floor heating cycle, it was wrapped in concrete should have mix water valve, stop the concrete cracking. Where I have reinforced concrete, I never use mix water valve, no cracking, just rely on normal thermostatic valve. Normal, no cracks in reinforced concrete is likely. I also want to write, that I have fixed the ground floor of wood of floor heating I never use mix water valve, and more than 40 years, I never had a problem. You can always cut the boiler temperature and humidity, lower water temperature.

to ensure at least six inches of polystyrene under the pipe heat preservation material, in order to keep indoor quantity of heat.

note: radiation heat hot water pipes to 360 degrees, and you are trying to heat the room above. If you use the boiler heating, then. Mix water valve allows you to run at different temperatures in different area. I like to put them in, because it gives me more comfortable feeling. Slab and tile run in the same temperature, this sounds like you have spent your water temperature is high, because the wooden floor should be less, if your floor is too hot, so you must be very concrete or ceramic tile to heat. The operating principle of floor radiant heating, heating will produce a large amount of heat energy is the same (gently BTU) Than the heated air temperature at high temperature ( Put forward the hot easily) 。 Cycle length is also a problem, if the size of them is not correct, you may be uneven heat generated at the end of the run or the floor of the cooler. In this case, you need to contact a technical, try and separation of circulation, and install mix water valve, in order to balance all of these. Planning is the key to the correct operating radiation floor system. Do you have any valve from the floor to be hot? You can shut down some throttle water return line, it should not be a ball valve or gate, but it is better than the floor of the mess you. If there is no valve installed in the loop cut-off valve or circuit installer, do not need more. But I think also need to be chilled water mix water valve. Yes, programmable hvac thermostat is good idea to reduce costs. If the system took 30 minutes or more time to reheating family ( Region) , that's not a good idea. At the time of sleep, or don't go home if you can reduce the energy, and when you are awake still very comfortable, that's great!
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