Mix water valve how to install? Installation method of mix water valve

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Mix water valve how to install? Mix water valve installation method of today, can be seen everywhere in the building materials market various mix water valve, which can be divided into: kitchen mix water valve, shower/bath crock mix water valve, the basin that wash a face mix water valve, constant mix water valve these four classes. So how these mix water valve should be installed? Thermostatic mixing valve take you know about the' Mix water valve installation method 】 1, kitchen mix water valve installation requirements, because the kitchen mix water valve use frequency is higher, and being moved around, easy to loose, so must tighten the lock nut. On market at present, there have been some mix water valve for enlarging the nut screw pipe is fixed, the solid effect is very good, if we can solve the problem of water to lift, is a popular trend in the future. 2, shower/bath crock mix water valve installation

when you buy a shower/bath crock mix water valve, you can select the right height buried outlet pipe. Cold and hot water pipe spacing must be 15 cm. You must be don't forget to flush the pipe before installation. In order to avoid water quality good, damages to the mix water valve. Dark outfit shower/bath crock mix water valve: buy after dark mix water valve is installed, generally to mix water valve of the valve core is embedded in the wall. You must be aware of before embedded toilet wall thickness. The wall is too thin, the valve core will not be able to embed. Embedded in a plastic cover don't removal of the valve core and the lest cement and other chores when embedded damage the valve core. In the embedded of valve core should also pay attention to the direction of the valve disc up and down, left and right sides, in order to avoid the valve core is buried fault. Wall embedded mix water valve inlet pipe size deviation, when available can be used to adjust elbow to the school.

3, constant mix water valve installation before installing constant mix water valve, would you please check a drain is hot cold, right don't will be cold and hot water pipe wrong, lest the tap doesn't work. Gas, solar energy water heater can use constant mix water valve, because the water pressure is too low. Constant mix water valve installation, please don't forget to install hot and cold water filter. 4, the basin that wash a face mix water valve installation should pay attention to when buying single hand wash basin to mix water valve to nozzle diameter, now in the market most belong to the hard tube into the water, so you should pay attention to the height of the nozzle on the reserved, 35 workpoint more appropriate down from the stage basin. When installation, must be equipped with a special Angle valve, and Angle valves must and wall of cold and hot water pipe fixed. When you found the Angle valve and mix water valve on the pipe between the distance, to buy a special extended tube to connect. Remember, must not to connect with other pipes, because if large water pressure, it is easy to fall off, leaking, the losses caused to you. If the inlet pipe is too long than outlet pipe, can according to your need to take part, Angle is not appropriate according to the need to moderate bending to the location you need. Remember: don't be hard to bend to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. When installing a basin that wash a face to water, please don't forget to buy leading small interface ( Mix water valve sub) 。 Before you install, please don't forget to flush pipes buried in the wall ahead of time.
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