Mix water valve how to repair the damaged?

by:Edison      2020-09-10

mix water valve how to repair the damaged? 1, before repairing mix water valve, it is important to note, cold water total valve and the power switch, the water heater or solar hot water off. In open after turn off the water valve until the water flows out completely. 2, when mix water valve of the water out, you can begin to do mix hair removal work. When removing it is important to note that when the temperature of the hot water valve import hot carefully. Handle in the middle of the first to loosen the top silk, with handle, with adjustable wrench panasonic after valve core gland can remove the valve core, and then clear the blockage of dirt.

3, but mix water valve if there is a leak, you need to ask the glue, if serious you need to change a new mix water valve.

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