Necessity and feasibility analysis of school install fresh air system

by:Edison      2020-09-05
Pipeline thermostatic valve frequent small make up to air pollution events for back-to-school show some special this year. Fresh air system is no longer the exclusive private schools, many public schools also poured into the fresh air. Fog lock city of season is coming, the school to install new air circulating system of increasing awareness. So whether there really is the necessity or really feasible? 1 the classroom to install air system necessity analysis the main room, the classroom teaching school activities after the students get to school, 90% of the time is spent in classroom. Students in the classroom environment for a long time, if the air is polluted, so they will for a long period of time exposed to pollution, act as the role of 'human flesh purifier'! PM2。 5 level of particulate matter such as hazard: u u u u u according to relevant data statistics, the classroom and other public places, in the fog haze days even if the doors and Windows closed, indoor PM2. 5 concentration and outdoor haze still close, smog outdoors not severe weather, indoor PM2. And even outdoor PM2 5 levels. The concentration of 5 a few times. Because children metabolism faster, breathing rate than adults, ability to resist disease is worse than adults, so the PM2. 5 damage more: long-term follow-up study found that both at home and abroad, and short-term exposure to high PM2. 5 of the environment, will lead to the change of lung function in children and the incidence of asthma increased; And long exposure will cause the chronic respiratory diseases of children, children with respiratory disease caused by the late mortality. Level of indoor formaldehyde and TVOC harm: u u u u do

modern interior paint, furniture and other equipment, emitted from chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, TVOC, and this is an ongoing process, the volatilization of formaldehyde will not end abruptly. Under the condition of the classroom, a lot of similar chemical pollutants, in a relatively closed haze days, these pollutants will accumulate indoors, cause harm to the students.

the harm of the formaldehyde in children, formaldehyde to a person's skin, eyes, respiratory tract, etc. Have strong stimulation, can cause allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, eye irritation, headache and so on many kinds of diseases, long time inspiratory formaldehyde, TVOC and other pollutants and can cause harm to the body, causing cancer cells. Level of indoor harmful bacteria and germs: u u u u kindergarten classroom environment of primary and secondary schools, densely populated, complex health conditions, the indoor humidity is bigger, plus the haze days doors and Windows closed, could easily lead to bacterial growth, flu, hand, foot and mouth disease, such as chickenpox epidemic disease in such an environment is easy to spread. High concentrations of carbon dioxide level of harm: u u u under the condition of sitting in the classroom, everyone out about 15 - every hour 20 l, carbon dioxide, in the case of a sports, this value will increase rapidly, even up to 50 - 60 l/per hour! So a classroom 40 people, even in meditation conditions, also want to exhale 600 - every hour 800 l carbon dioxide. The content of carbon dioxide in the air reaches 3%, the human body breathing deepened; Inhaled concentration reaches 4% of the carbon dioxide for a long time, there will be a nerve symptom such as dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, high blood pressure at the same time; Reaches 8% ~ 10%, carbon dioxide concentration in the air will lead to difficulty breathing, pulse quickened, general weakness, muscle by tic turns to convulsions, consciousness by excitement to curb carbon dioxide content of 30%, death may occur. 2 feasibility analysis of the classroom to install air system fresh air system can be brought in from the outdoor fresh air, after the purification filter into indoor to replace indoor air pollution, improve indoor air, a significant reduction in indoor PM2. 5, formaldehyde, TVOC, germs, and carbon dioxide. Installation cost and installation analysis: lack of funds and fresh air system installation is looking for an excuse to school love red, indeed, cloth tube type fresh air system for building the change is bigger, to have finished school classroom, and not obligate pipe to pipe installation is more complicated. Fresh air system on the market now, however, there is no cloth tube with the fresh air system, with the fresh air system will not cause too big effect to architectural decoration, fully apply classroom environment. The classroom applicable with the fresh air system, the market price is around 10000 - 20000 yuan, if it is installed in the uniformly and bargaining space, compared with the price in the odd change the child's physical health, is not high. Safety analysis of qualified products does not pose a safety hazard, fresh air system don't have to worry about a threat to children and children. And, like EST part products such as fresh air, and child protection measures, young children cannot be opened the door of the case, and once the door is opened, the fresh air system will automatically without electricity. From the source to eliminate potential safety problems. Air and noise analysis of the classroom to fresh air requirement is opposite bigger, part of the fresh air system may not be able to meet. But there's also can satisfy the demand of wind fresh air system. If it is installed properly, the product qualified, big air volume air system power operation, noise around 35 db, will not affect students' learning. Late effects and maintenance analysis the effect of the fresh air system is related to products and air volume can achieve anticipated, as long as the products are qualified, the proper air flow and air system can for indoor air purification, and ensure that the indoor oxygen amount.
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