Nest intelligent thermostat will open API

by:Edison      2020-08-27

the thermostat manufacturer - - Nest intelligent hvac thermostat will open API

on September 26, according to CNET reports, Nest Labs plans to open next year intelligent thermostat apis, this API allows developers to intelligent hvac thermostat ( 智能恒温器) To create a third party applications and services.

in 2013 CEDIA Expo, the company's founder, Tony Fadell to developers intelligent temperature controller is introduced in detail, and next year will be launched for the hvac thermostat API. Nest is developing and improving the product, he said, want the future to make intelligent temperature controller is more suitable for smart home. Nest and partner development plan ( 合作伙伴开发项目) To encourage developers to the thermostat to develop better applications and services.

the Nest founder and vice President of engineering Matt Rogers said, 'intelligent thermostat published since 2011, we are always want to build a developer community. But compared with our developers plan, our first priority is to build a great product. '

Tony Fadell, a former apple iPod head, known as the father of the iPod, the iPhone has undisputable contribution. For this reason, he designed the Nest also known as the iPod in the field of thermostat.

the biggest characteristic of Nest of intelligent temperature controller is able to track the user's habits and customs to timely adjust the indoor temperature. Nest has previously been reported that, in addition to intelligent temperature controller, its next target will be smoke detectors.

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