Nest thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-30

although Nest hvac thermostat with apple's DNA, process design elegant, simple and fashionable appearance, but not intuitive Settings interface as a big weakness, cause the user to set the operation is not easy, which increases the user cost of learning. Wireless temperature controller is first advantage has a clear interface, the hvac thermostat factory can product end quickly and intuitively set, operation and management of product. < P> the appearance of the product has a plain white, with the majority of interior design style be in harmony of the family. At the same time, it USES 'left + screen right button' Settings and operating interface, not only conforms to our visual habits, more important is to make our operation more simple. On the right line of buttons, corresponding to wind speed, + mode, temperature and temperature in turn - and open the key, button symbol of intuitive at first glance, can make us understand their role, and on the left side of the square screen will appear when we are through the keystrokes state, can make us better operate and browse the effect of the operation.

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