New field constant mix water valve application

by:Edison      2020-09-09

floor heated system should be in 50 ℃ hot water distribution job; And the hot water in the radiator heated system at 80 ℃, usually in the radiator to the floor in the central heating system of mining hot, put forward the constant mix water valve installed below; Assume that community choose floor heated see this scheme can be deprived of boiler room or heat exchange station, reduce material and operation costs. Floor heated usually use aluminum pipe and PPR composite pipes, can resistance to high temperature above 80 ℃ water, of course, but in the use of stature, sure than the water temperature 60 ℃ stature long assignments below; Because the swell and shorten the coefficient of copper pipe joints and pipe, after high temperature operation, drip title will be very serious, joint affects the floor in the implementation of the heat, and easy to form the user property losses.

let's handle the low temperature floor heated in the internship, 55℃) Job title, namely, by hot water on the floor before the water segregator equipped with hot and cold water active constant mix water valve. Constant mix water valve has two cold water, hot water inlet interface and a mixed water outlet, the constant mix water valve, the mixed water outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor, using the physical characteristics of temperature-sensing component, promote body valve core movement, block may turn cold, hot water inlet, open hot water together in the block of cold water, when the temperature schedule knob Settings after a certain temperature, no matter how cold and hot water inlet temperature and pressure changes, the proportion of cold and hot water in outlet out then take the initiative to change, then the water temperature to maintain consistent, the positive and negative value between plus or minus 2 ℃, the temperature control knob to planning rules temperature 35 ℃ to 65 ℃ within artificially set, constant mix water valve will dispatch the water temperature of the set. Note: water supply temperature of 60 ℃ - 80℃- 55 ℃ 95 ℃ water temperature for: mix of backwater pipe in the above check is to ensure that only extract geothermal water circulating pump, assume that the return water temperature higher than the mixed water temperature, active constant mix water valve is closed hot water into the water, active geothermal system active circulation, reduce the return water temperature, after the sneak must proportion of high temperature water, energy-saving effect significantly.
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