Package mail central air conditioner thermostat liquid crystal switch really bag mail?

by:Edison      2020-08-24

now online sales of central air conditioner thermostat LCD switches are mailed package price, here small make up the mail packet to ask themselves the central air conditioner thermostat liquid crystal switch really pack mail, with sample questions such as we walk into a seller store sales of central air-conditioning hvac thermostat.

we know is a sales of central air conditioner thermostat 4 drill businesses, by the manager to communicate with us about sales package mail products on the Internet, we know that it is not only sales of central air-conditioning thermostat shop sales of its products in the package post, many stores are in the package of mail. Actually a little manager revealed the truth, actually mailed package price for consumers to buy more than two is not cost-effective, sell the manager of the central air conditioner thermostat analyzes a case with us, if they sell YK - PG- 7 a the LCD thermostat sale price is $35, if on the online store sales will be more than a freight, the extra freight is to the LCD thermostat unit price, in the case of not overweight a parcel freight is 8 yuan, then store price if package mail at least 42 yuan package mail. If the customer wants to five words that is 210 yuan. If the shop price without package mail $35 + actual freight 8 yuan. Also is 5 LCD hvac thermostat 183 yuan is enough, because the weight of the five central air conditioner thermostat less than 3 kg. Express company signed with online store is 3 kg within the package 8 yuan, see here you should see, if you are from online shopping is greater than 2 pieces always can talk to online customers.

here, do you mail to store package central air conditioner thermostat liquid crystal switch really bag mail? There should be a preliminary opinion.

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