Protection of the old man children without getting burned while taking a bath, don't have to adjust the water temperature, accurate temperature control of the thermostatic valve!

by:Edison      2020-09-06

in cb and solar energy as heat source of the family more and more, but at the time of wash in hot water will be hot and cold constantly adjust process. When the way temporarily close the valve to open, there will be a very cool and very hot water. Easily when they are in the process to avoid hot water bath fell and bruised, especially the old injury rates higher. Some countries and regions have this as a standard to install safety valve, in order to protect the personal safety. Today, thermostatic valve small make up will make a brief introduction for you.

the thermostatic valve can be installed in the hot water pipe, home and hot water are all terminal temperature limit; Also can wash a face in bath tap and leading independent installation, control respectively. After installation will not have to worry about children and the elderly independent shower will be scalded.

constant mix water valve is dedicated to high and low water ( Or other liquid) Mix, to keep its temperature can be stable in set range. Product support, the need for electricity at work according to the flow through the valve to adjust the water temperature.

part of scope of application:

1. Production line equipped with constant temperature cooling water system, such as injection molding machine needs constant temperature cooling system, assembling the valve can control the temperature of the cooling water stable, ensure the quality of products;

2。 Form a complete set of solar energy, can avoid high temperature water damage to piping and burns to the human body. When the solar storage tank water temperature is too high, can make the PPR pipe softening deformation, even cause pipeline welding off water. High water temperature, through showers or faucet may cause harm to human body;

3。 Air source heat pump system, installed in the heat exchanger in the backwater end, after a constant temperature. Can stable equipment operation state, make the compressor always work in a good working environment, save energy and to protect compressor, extend the life of the compressor.

4。 Family applications, installed in the shower and leading front, can replace the existing mix water valve, water temperature stable, avoid the happening of scald.

5。 Automatic water system after installation, stable water temperature can be set. For kindergartens, schools, airports, stations, public areas, children can avoid scald for water to drink on its own.

6。 Barber shops and other places of business, can remove after installation debugging temperature steps, either reduced the waste, and saves time and energy.

product features:

low comprehensive protection function: when the cold water into the cold water inlet, the hot water into the end would automatically shut off, avoid hot water output directly, avoid scald.

low automatic balance function: when the water pressure is small, can through the hot water out of the cold water pressure, and keep the water temperature is stable. Experimental tests, keep 3 - in the cold water 4 kg pressure and hot water is only 0. 2 - 0. 5 kg pressure, still can normal use.

low DN40 and following specifications products bring the check valve, filters, three interfaces are articulated, convenient installation and maintenance.

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