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by:Edison      2020-08-23

LCD fan coil LCD thermostat start into the collection of industrial products and daily necessities for a visual selective product category, it is more of a design as soon as possible feelings, intelligent control, human-computer interaction, short operation and so on.

the installation of expansion joint is to have cultured, usually long side of the room is installed vertically, not through the expansion joints as far as possible the second coil, if through the coil in the equipped with hoses, the use of this is to avoid in the later, the ground of the heat storage layer heat bilges cold shrink caused the collapse of the act the role of material.

fan coil manufacturing is based on micro mechanical processing technology of LCD thermostat, silicon to mechanical, chemical, welding processing, then adopt different packaging technology to encapsulate, and developed a journalist on technology in recent years, Deep X-ray lithography ChengMin plating film) Used in the manufacture of sensors. Fan coil LCD hvac thermostat with microprocessor, has the ability of information acquisition, processing, exchange, is the product of sensors integrated with microprocessor. General feeling of intelligent robot system composed of multiple sensor collection, collection of information to the computer for processing, and use the fan coil LCD hvac thermostat can spread information processing, so as to reduce the cost. Compared with general sensor, fan coil units LCD thermostat has the following three advantages: through the data collection software technology can achieve high precision, and the cost is low; Have certain programming automation ability; Functional diversification.

from the point of application scope, digital display type fan coil LCD thermostat is widely applied in the field of household appliances production, almost all appliances need this spare parts, in recent years, rapid development in the Chinese electrical appliances industry, digital display type fan coil units LCD thermostat market has maintained a supply and demand two prosperous development momentum, driven in many national policy support, home appliance machine production and sales of rejuvenation, purchases of fan coil units LCD thermostat also increased significantly, with market demand to see digital display type fan coil LCD thermostat is still a fan coil LCD hvac thermostat pillar in the market.

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