Several kinds of commonly used mix water device

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Currently, mix water device is widely used in the heating system, it is economic and convenient to realize the individual temperature control of heating system. Constant mix water valve can make the ground radiation heating and radiator heating Shared a high temperature heat source, do not need to set up low temperature heat source for heating floor alone. System adopt mixing ratio regulation an excellent warm water with low temperature water two times of mix proportion, will meet the requirements of the mixed water for heating coil. ( A) Mix water cooling device warm mix water cooling unit in high temperature water, mixed with part of the low temperature water transfer temperature difference small flow of hot water temperature difference large circulating water flow rate, its main function is to improve the safety and comfortable sex of floor heating system using, energy saving effect is secondary. Core components in the mix water cooling device: mixed water circulation pump ( Household usually choose shielding pump) , mix water components, temperature control valve, temperature sensor and thermal protector, etc.

high temperature water into the system, and after floor heating coil and cooling of the low temperature floor heating mixed backwater in the mix water components; Mix the right temperature of the water after booster pump into the water segregator, and then by heating floor heating coil heat dissipation; Booster pump is used to provide the mixed water power; In the mix water system, mix water components to have control of the mixed water temperature in the value of the function, avoid mix water temperature is not stable as the water temperature changes.

through constant mix water valve, mixing tank, four-way valve control, such as the high temperature water heating system and floor heating water mixing the water required for floor heating temperature. 1, the constant mix water valve mix water valve structure advantage is: when a sudden blackout in work, if the water temperature more than set value, mix water valve will automatically close the heating water, avoid high temperature water into floor heating, floor heating protection; Mix water and water temperature is lower than the set value, the valve can automatically open hot water channel for water floor heating, shut down automatically backwater channel, to avoid further reduce the water temperature, maintain indoor temperature not drop too much. Constant mix water valve is larger than self-reliance type temperature control valve flow coefficient Kv, but still can't compared with electric ball valve structure. There is impurity easy to plug card dead in the water, temperature control failure. In addition constant mix water valve in order to ensure accuracy of temperature control, temperature control is difficult to do a wide range. 2, mix water with heat exchange tank through regulating valve actuators, control of mix water, mix water and exchange. Mix water adequately, area size can be used to that, could be selected according to the heating area of mixed water specifications. 3, with four-way regulator, to adopt PI controller to control electric four-way valve disc position to adjust the temperature and flow rate, the second floor heating water temperature constant, maintaining and director of the diameter of the large flow of water supply. Don't need another bypass, to overcome the existing three way valve on the market, mix water valve small flow rate and the problem of large temperature fluctuations. But choose to pay attention to: 1) The operation of the mixed water pump parameter selection; 2) Temperature controller, control valve, regulating valve performance is reliable; 3) To prevent idle running water shortage protection; 4) To form a complete set of network system, ensure the whole heating system operation effect; 5) The building or residential area, choose mix water pump should be consider control frequency conversion control technology.
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