Solar water heating systems engineering construction matters needing attention

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Thermostatic valve pipe manufacturer is introduced with the popularity of solar hot water system, related solar hot water system construction is increasing, the construction quality, directly affect the system running effect and service life, in this paper, the solar energy hot water system summarizes common points for attention in practical construction, aimed at in reducing problems, improve the quality. 1 preparations for construction site survey is an important content of the construction preparation stage, is also the premise of deepening design scheme for secondary. Some projects when the design has been on-site survey, but before the construction of site survey, site survey solar hot water system need to pay attention to the following: 1. Check the need to install the bearing, structure of the building, the roof actual size; 2. For water tanks and other large equipment placed space position and bearing of the roof to review and wind load calculation, design and reliable wind protection as needed; 3. Water, water pressure; 4. The power position and load; 5. According to the actual situation, consider for piping, to optimize the design drawings; 6. In combination with field considering the material approach route, as well as the water tank and other large equipment hoisting. In addition, should pay attention to the technical communication with construction group, the basic characteristics of engineering construction personnel, technology, quality requirements, construction methods and measures and security to carry on the detailed understanding, in order to scientifically organization construction, avoid the technical quality of the accident. Construction stage 2. 1 solar collectors installed 1) Collector positioning put

solar collector should be in strict accordance with the design requirements of bearing installation, and use a compass to determine direction. Used throughout the year for local latitude of the solar hot water system Angle, the winter for the local increase 10 ° latitude, summer for the quarter 10 ° latitude reduction.

2) Collector bracket base to the collector base connected to the building main body structure is firm, generally USES the embedded parts add fine stone concrete dao compacted base form. Steel base and embedded parts of concrete base end face, in front of the solar hot water system installation should pay attention to coating anticorrosive material. If the collector bracket base destroyed the original roof waterproof layer, still need to do waterproof processing. Stents based general construction method is shown in figure 1. 3) Solar collector stents collector on the basis of concrete when installation, pay attention to the first according to the drawings and material collector, on the basis of the civil engineering construction check, check the base elevation and coordinates is correct. Put a right, when installation bracket to stability, stable rate of the same parts fittings should be consistent. Construction should be according to GB 50212 building anticorrosion engineering construction and acceptance standard and GB 50224 'construction anticorrosion engineering quality inspection evaluation standard' the requirements of operation. 4) Collector installed the collector Angle error is plus or minus 3 °, commonly is put should smooth and neat. 2. 2 key equipment installation 1) Pump when installation should be in accordance with the manner prescribed by the manufacturer, and in line with the GB 50275 'compressor, blower, pump installation engineering construction and acceptance standard' requirements. Water pump installation shoulds not be folded installation, most of the pump suction, folded when installation, before and after pump pipeline easily pneumatosis, form water resistance, reduce the pump lift. Prepare damping noise reduction measures should be paid attention to water pump, water pump input output pipe and pipe installation should support, make the pump does not directly inherit the piping weight. Installed in the outdoor water pump, need a block rain snow measures, antifreezing measures should be taken to freezing area. 2) Heat preservation water tank installation position should be according to the requirements of design, and base plate fixation. Heat preservation water tank inside the box all needs to do ground handling, grounded in accordance with GB - 50169 'electrical equipment installation project grounding device' specification for construction and acceptance requirements. Heat preservation water tank has the insulation pad and support, to prevent direct rigid connection and increase the heat loss. 3) Electric control cabinet installation as far as possible in the indoor location such as stair, installed in the outdoor, should be rain, insects, lightning protection facilities, and reliable grounding. 2. 3 pipe installation 1) Pipeline do condole top ceiling height should be considered, the corresponding pipe hanger length should be design, can't appear too long lead to rework phenomenon. 2) PPR pipe and small diameter tube or sanitary ware metal parts generally adopts screw connection, should be used with copper wire inside or outside the wire insert PPR transition joints. 3) Exposed conformity of stainless steel pipe interface note properly, can use transparent tape winding. 4) Equipment room note unfavorable use plastic pipe hot water within the pipes. 5) When using different material pipes, attention should be paid to prevent connection may cause the electrochemical corrosion of electromotive force. 6) Balcony hanging system heating circuit can use copper coil tube connection, nozzle in the form of city expansion, ensure the installation of the natural circulation slope of not less than 10 °, and cannot have the opposite slope. 7) With ethylene glycol antifreeze ingredient of antifreeze systems, ethylene glycol can cause adverse reactions with zinc, unfavorable use galvanized steel pipe. 8) Pressure pipeline and equipment should be tested for hydrostatic test; Unconfined pipeline and equipment should be tested for irrigation. Test methods should be consistent with the civil construction technical specification for application of solar water heating system. 9) Pipe insulation note after the leak detection system and commissioning qualified. Using self-control temperature electric tropical anti-freeze system, should first self-control temperature electric heating after installation according to the requirement of the manufacturer to do heat preservation.
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