Some measures to normal maintenance of central air-conditioning

by:Edison      2020-09-04
< P> usually preserve some of the measures of the central air conditioning < / P> < P> to improve the quality of life of people, a lot of people are installed in the home of the household central air conditioning. For some area of the larger family, the use of household central air conditioning is, indeed, will be more convenient and practical. In order for the central air conditioning can adjust the effect, good let it use longer, it is important to note that when using ordinary maintenance work on it.

1, pay more attention to the contact condition of air conditioning of the plug and socket, if found in the use of air conditioning depending on the plug or power leads temperature is too high, it might be because the line is too thin, or is the contact condition between plug and socket is not very good, want to find corresponding measures to solve right away.

2, check the connection line in the middle of the water system where ever appear slack. Especially in the midst of VRF system, and the wind machine system, often should check where interface sealing conditions. If see oil stains on it, then there may be some refrigerant leakage from the inside out, in this case when must timely take measures to avoid too long lead to not enough refrigerant leakage, which affect the effect of the temperature of air conditioning equipment, serious when may also damage to the compressor equipment.

3, water system and air pipe system of filter is basically to be clean every two to three weeks. In clean the filter removed first, when you need to use a soft brush brush the dust off. Also can use water to wash off dust, wait until after it dry is able to install it into the air conditioner. If some places of dust is better, it can be appropriately increase the number of clean screen pack, prevent dust because too much reason to affect the air flow. In addition, there are central air conditioner condenser and evaporator coil and other parts also need to keep a good health condition.

4, if the air conditioner for a long period of time can't use, you need for a thorough cleaning job. After wash finished, let it in two or three hours, let the machine inside all of moisture evaporation, taking advantage of good dust-proof sets the air conditioner sets are ok.

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