Specializing in the production of electric two-way valve, has the abundant strength and capital

by:Edison      2020-09-27

automatic control equipment co. , LTD. Is located in known as the nine days qu, the reputation of the Beijing and tianjin portal in shandong province, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. Company products include central air conditioner hvac thermostat; Floor heating thermostat; All kinds of electric two-way valve, electric control valve; Water flow switch; Automatic filling water valve and so on. Electric two-way valve is for central air conditioning fan coil products, consists of two parts, driver and body, drive, driven by a synchronous motor with spring return and manual throttle lever manipulation functions. The body part adopts piston structure. Electric valve can be used with the thermostat, motor is controlled by a hvac thermostat electric valve, the valve open or close, cold water or hot water pipe make or break, again through the fan coil air supply, in order to realize the temperature automatic adjustment. Electric two-way valve more information please visit: http://www. sdyjwkq。 com

However, wireless thermostat isn't the only producer in domestic, and many people feel that Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd.'s service leaves much to be desired in terms of functionality and design.
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On top of making sure all our day-to-day operations are running smoothly, Zhuhai Edison Smart Home Co., Ltd. needs to ensure that we're keeping up with all the quality standards of motorized valve.
In terms of motor operated valve, why is it different than other production? How does it fit a true need or desire for your requires? Is it simple to use? Make life easier?
We are professional in manufacturing ac thermostat, and always emphasize the technology and quality during the producing procedure.
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