Species and relevant knowledge parameter selection of the thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-26

parameters selected species and relevant knowledge of the hvac thermostat

the thermostat temperature change on the work environment, physical deformation inside the switch, thus some special effect, conduction may be disconnected operation happened a series of automatic control components, also called protector, temperature control device, temperature control switches, temperature thermostat for short. The thermostat or the temperature of the air conditioning temperature control switch controls the room size in 18 ℃ - - 28℃。 Window air conditioner commonly used temperature control device is a pressure mechanism to promote contact with broken. Its structure by corrugated pipe, thermal bag ( Test tube) , eccentric, micro switch, etc to form a sealed induction system and a transmit signal power system.

the thermostat or the temperature control switch control method is generally divided into two;

a is cooled by the target temperature change to control, how to choose steam pressure type temperature control valve

another goal by cooling the temperature change to control, how to choose the electronic thermostat.

the hvac thermostat type

mechanical are divided into: steam pressure type thermostat, liquid expansion thermostat, gas adsorption type thermostat, metal expansion thermostat or the temperature control switch.

the vapor pressure thermostat is divided into: gas type, liquid gas mixed type and liquid type. Home air conditioning mechanical is given priority to with this type of thermostat.

electronic type can be divided into: resistive temperature controller and thermocouple temperature controller.

It is beyond doubt that benefits hvac expansion valve. Market sentiments are strong, especially in the light of growing ac compressor control valve observed globally.
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