Teach you how to distinguish the thermostat quality

by:Edison      2020-08-27

that sells on the market for the quality of the thermostat, believe that few people can distinguish, today small make up teach you how the quality of the thermostat to discern, what are the methods?

to distinguish the quality of the thermostat is mainly from the following several aspects to distinguish:

1, the hvac thermostat configuration - — Relay. It is a key part of the output control, general hvac thermostat is the relay, the main equipment of relay has a lot of kinds, the three types can be divided into domestic, Taiwan and foreign products, currently used the most mundane is domestic production of the relay, so, if the good quality of the thermostat, so at least it is better to use of the quality of the relay.

2 CPU, see the thermostat, the thermostat when use, its accuracy and stability of it is very important, for the accuracy and stability are controlled by CPU of the thermostat.

3, look at power supply mode of the hvac thermostat, generally has two kinds, respectively is the control of transformer and switch power supply. In these two approaches, based on the characteristics of what they have, it is best to use the power supply way of transformer.

I hope you can remember the small make up the method about how to identify the thermostat and also can use to practice, so believe that you will choose to a good quality thermostat.

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