Teach you how to understand from the perspective of the cost of the hvac drawings

by:Edison      2020-09-09
Hvac design and construction, must first learn to read the hvac, friends often do a lot to do design cost consulting colleagues, outside is the floor plan of the node corresponding system graph, drawing label is not clear problem, in plain English or use a lot of knowledge chart experience to consider the problem. So constant mix water valve manufacturer would like to ask if use cost point of view to study knowledge chart? We must first be clear, the cost of hvac, outside is the amount of length, number, number of illustrations to clear, therefore, drawing to specification. Figure on the parts and be reflected in the legend. 01 hvac cost when see the category of building hvac construction drawing pattern generally include: design, construction; Legend, equipment materials table; The floor plan ( Air pipe, water pipe surface, equipment plane) ; Detail drawing ( Refrigeration and air conditioning room flat section, node flat profile) ; System diagram ( The wind system, water system) ; The flow chart, Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning hot and cold water processes) 。 Design specification design, design parameters; Cold and heat source; Cold and hot medium parameters; Air conditioning cold heat load and the load indicator; Total resistance water system; The form and system control method. PS: the material of pipe equipment, installation and cost need to know, if you don't want to cost personnel to harass you, honestly marked clearly. Construction use pipe, valves, fittings, insulation materials, such as system pressure and pressure testing requirements; Construction installation requirements and matters needing attention; Piping pressure testing and flushing of the container, etc. The adoption of the standard atlas.

PS: insulation, thermal insulation, anticorrosion, brush paint, pressure testing, flushing is personnel needs to calculate cost.

illustrations in the form of a table to list the graphic symbol or text symbols used in the system, make the map reading is easy to read and understand drawings. Equipment material table to list the commonly system of main equipment and main material specification, type, quantity and specific requirements, but the number in the table as a budget estimate only commonly, not as the supply of equipment and material basis. Hvac plan building outline, the size of the main axis, axis, indoor and outdoor ground elevation, name of the room. Duct plane for dual duct, air conditioning pipe plane for single wire conduit. Plan on duct pipe specification, elevation and location dimension, all kinds of plane position of air conditioning, ventilation equipment and accessories, equipment and accessories, the serial number of the riser. PS: when the system diagram and the floor plan on not typically will be subject to the floor plan, cost and when calculating the vertical tube and some other pipes is dependent on the annotations on the graph system. Hvac system diagram of small air conditioning system, when the plan can't express clearly, map system, the proportion should be consistent with the floor plan, according to the 45 ° and 30 ° axonometric projection drawing. System diagram drawing equipment, valves, control instrument, accessories, the flow direction of medium marked elevation, pipe diameter and equipment number, pipes. PS: these are based on physical objects using the projection mapping, painted by detailed size marked on the drawing, directly used for installation cost. Large air conditioning systems, hvac system diagram when pipeline system is complicated, draw flow charts ( Including heat and cold source room chart, flow diagram of cooling water system, ventilation system flow chart, etc. ) , flow diagram is not drawn to scale, but the line branch should be consistent with the floor plan of pipeline and equipment interface direction is consistent with the actual situation. System diagram drawing equipment, valves, control instrument, accessories, the flow direction of medium marked, pipe diameter and the riser, equipment serial number. Details of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration room details: draw the outline of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment location and number, indicate the equipment and away from the wall or the size of the axis; Air pipe, water pipe position towards the connection device; Indicate the size, elevation, pipe diameter. 02 reading hvac construction drawing of general procedure should understand the characteristics of the hvac drawings, according to certain procedures to read, can more quickly, understand all the aspects of the drawings. A set of hvac included the contents of the construction drawing, drawing tend to have a lot of zhang, generally should be read in the following order, sometimes need to be opposed to reading. The drawing list and title bar understanding all name date of project content, design, engineering drawing number, drawing number, etc. The general design understand the design basis and engineering general situation, and understand drawings failed to express clearly the relevant matters. Such as cold source, cold quantity, system requirement, pipe, pipe fittings, legend symbols, installation and construction requirements that should be paid attention to during the construction of items, etc. See hvac floorplan layout at the picture order: the ground floor to floor, roof - basement - details. Demanded to know the air pipe, water pipe layout on the floor plan of each layer, vertical tube position and the number of serial number, air handling equipment and plane position and size, the position of the air conditioning tuyere accessories, duct of the specifications of the pipes, etc. , understand the hvac plane demand for civil engineering construction, building decoration, to carry on the type of work coordination, statistical plane instruments, equipment, accessories and the length of the line as the number of hvac engineering budget and material procurement on the basis of the hvac system diagram.
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