TF28WN+vn6013( DN20) Fan coil two-way valve group ( Electric two-way valve + thermostat)

by:Edison      2020-08-22
Fan coil electric two-way valve group ( Electric two-way valve + thermostat) TF28WN+vn6013( DN20) Fan coil two-way valve group TF28WN + vn6013ajc1000t electric regulator vn6013ajc1000t applications:. vn series two-way valve can be used for home and business control of cold and hot fluid on and off in the building, including two parts of the actuator and the valve body assembly. For example, can be used to separate fan coil, board type radiator, convection air heater, etc. , according to the selected model, product can be controlled by SPDT or SPDT controller, such as room temperature controller, water temperature regulator or flow switch. Note: this product cannot be used in a environment with dissolved oxygen. Fan coil electric two-way valve group ( Electric two-way valve + thermostat) tf28wn+vn6013( DN20) Room/fan coil thermostat tf28wn LCD digital display thermostat tf28wn/u room thermostat tf28wn new blackout pressure-keeping thermostat tf28wn random start hvac thermostat O1 thermostat display thermostat thermostat, thermostat, * * * tf28wn digital temperature controller, in main performance: 220 vac fan coil memory type timing shutdown time cycle start randomly functions large screen LCD, friendly operation interface temperature display ( At room temperature and set temperature) Can players move or optional automatic wind speed c/Chinese temperature optional setting parameters can keep cold after power protection function keyboard lock can lock/unlock some or all of the keys can be restricted to the standard temperature value range 86 wall bottom box installed scope of application: applicable to * * * the indoor temperature control of air conditioning fan coil system. Can control three speed fan switch valve and fan coil system. Includes: two independent cooling pipe; Two independent heating tube; Two manual adjustment of cooling/heating transformation ventilation mode manual or automatic fan speed control valve switch control; There are unique to regular shutdown, timing cycle and random start function, achieve more accurate temperature control and energy saving, helps to maintain the stability of the power grid. Technical parameters of working voltage: 220 vac ( + 10% 15%) , 50 hz control mode: proportional integral algorithm, switch output control accuracy: 21 & deg; C & plusmn; 1° C load capacity: 3 a ( Fan) 2 ( Valve) Protection grade: IP20 temperature setting range: 10 ~ 32 & deg; C temperature range: 0 ~ 37 & deg; C: working environment temperature 0 ~ + 49 & deg; C - transportation environment temperature 30~+49° C relative humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH, no cooling fan coil electric two-way valve group ( Electric two-way valve + thermostat) TF28WN+vn6013( DN20)
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