The advantage of the thermostatic valve and advantages

by:Edison      2020-09-07
Nowadays, people live in cities and towns multilayer top, this is not a problem, problem is the water pressure, water rush hour if you are in the bath, especially when you use the water heater burning gas, can feel the hot and cold, hard to bear. Small make up today, thermostatic valve factory is a brief introduction for you. Why use hot water hot and cold? In fact is not only the gas water heater, even the storage tank, air can water heater and solar water heaters, electric water heater as long as it is to hot and cold water mixing, if the water pressure is high and low, it is possible to hot and cold. Many people for this problem. A user feedback: she is on the top floor of multilayer, using a gas water heater, the shower is very difficult to adjust the water temperature to the appropriate location, a little bit deviation for hot and cold, either hot or cold to death. To die, This question is difficult to solve? Of course not. There is an artifact called 'thermostatic valve'. From its product name you should be able to see a thing or two, is for the use of hot and cold, hot water is to solve the water pressure changes caused by the water temperature difference problem. Thermostatic valve principle thermostatic valve principle is to use in the temperature control valve head temperature sensing element to control the size of the valve temperature, when the room temperature rises, the temperature sensing element for thermal expansion and compression make the valve stem. When the room temperature drop in temperature sensing element for cooling contraction, stem back to make the valve open. Simple point is to control the water you use in setting temperature range, if appear in the process of bath for single pipe hot water, automatic water instantly, prevent burns and catch a cold. So, if your old problems of hot and cold, don't struggle, complaint property is no way to solve the problem, find a teacher or plumbers install an artifact thermostatic valve is serious business.
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