The advantages of central air conditioner thermostat

by:Edison      2020-09-01
< P align = center> the advantages of central air conditioner hvac thermostat < / P> < P> advantages: 1, the temperature setting through the knob setting, convenient, intuitive, can be directly loaded 2 and 3 on the standard junction box on the wall, beautiful appearance, reliable in performance. 4, switch the toggle type, may feel comfortable, long life, can control the two or three linear electric ( The ball) Valve 6, can be used to control fan coil units and electric ( The ball) Valve or equipment, including air valve 7, double metal large bellows box temperature sensing element to ensure accurate temperature control of 8 according to the requirement, the automatic hot and cold transformation can be controlled by a hvac thermostat pipe ( Refers to certain types of hvac thermostat) 9, special function: a. Stop transfinite b. Safety cover c. Wall hanging way for special installation needs 10, all models of constant temperature heat premonition, hunch device can further improve the thermal heat temperature control

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