The advantages of wall-mounted boiler thermostat

by:Edison      2020-08-28

the advantages of wall-mounted boiler hvac thermostat

1. Save money

temperature controller to control the room temperature accurately, and to set the time interval at room temperature, the operation of the automatic control system. It does not require heating combustion gas day and night. It can save about 30% of natural gas, and withdraw the cost in a heating season. For example, a 100 - square - meter house, cooking, bathing and heating costs of each heating season as high as 2400 yuan. Cooking and washing cost 360 yuan and 612 yuan respectively, save 30% so that the furnace can be back in ten years, the cost of the cost of thermostat can be back in a year. Therefore, it is necessary to install the thermostat.

2。 Comfortable

every day in the morning, during the day, evening and night, the temperature is automatically controlled, to avoid the waiting room warm up in the morning, after work, the embarrassment of frozen shows more quality, fashion and enjoy life.

3。 Convenient

operation more simple, more clearly, can adjust the room temperature directly. Wall-mounted boiler by setting temperature to automatically control of each time period, so as to avoid the manual operation. It is very necessary for working families. If the indoor temperature is too low, cb can be started automatically, as long as there is a small amount of gas, can realize indoor antifreeze protection.

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