The analysis of the electric valve

by:Edison      2020-08-31
The selection of fan coil hvac thermostat and the analysis of the electric valve selection of fan coil motor valve, fan coil motor valve normally closed normally open and two general points, normally closed type refers to the power when the valve closed, normally open type is power off when the valve is in open position; Also connection points and three lines and two wire system, large diameter were mostly three-wire system, there will be two line of small diameter and three-wire system two kinds. Electric valve is the high level product in the automatic control valve, it can not only realize the switch function, external regulation electric valve can achieve valve regulating function. Electric actuator stroke can be divided into: 90 ° Angle of stroke and stroke two kinds, special requirements can also satisfy the 180 °, 270 °, 360 ° full schedule. By the Angle of electric actuators cooperate quarter-turn valves use, within 90 ° rotating valve control pipe flow on and off; Straight travel electric actuator using with straight trip valve, valve plate up and down movement control pipe flow on and off.
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