The application of constant mix water valve in the geothermal system

by:Edison      2020-09-08
Constant mix water valve manufacturer to introduce general floor heating use aluminum pipe and PPR composite pipes, although can resistance to high temperature above 80 ℃ water, but in terms of service life, other than water temperature 60 ℃ below operation life is long; Due to expansion and contraction coefficient of copper pipe joints and pipe, high temperature running, dripping joint problem will be very serious, influence the promotion of floor heating, and easy to cause the user property losses.

we are very good in practice to solve the low-temperature floor heating ( 55℃) Operation problem, that is, before the floor heating water manifold with a hot and cold water mix water automatic thermostatic valve. Constant mix water valve has two cold water, hot water inlet interface and a mixed water outlet, the constant mix water valve, the mixed water outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor, using the physical characteristics of temperature-sensing component, promote body valve core is moving, seal or open cold, hot water inlet, in blocking the cold water at the same time open hot water, after the temperature control knob set a certain temperature, no matter how cold and hot water inlet temperature, pressure changes, the proportion of cold and hot water into the outlet then automatically change, so that there is always a constant water temperature and keep its positive and negative value between plus or minus 2 ℃, temperature control knob can stipulate the scope temperature 35 ℃ to 65 ℃ within set arbitrary, constant mix water valve will automatically adjust the water temperature of setting.
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