The application range of the electric actuator

by:Edison      2020-09-04

as a national economic development indispensable equipment, infrastructure, much attention has been paid to the research and development production of pneumatic actuators while should government environmental protection requirements will be controlled, but the overall or toward the good development trend chugging along. Electric actuator is to point to in the control system for electric energy of an actuator, accept adjusting instruments such as the electrical signals, control quantity according to the size of the signal change, make the input or output control object is the amount of material or energy changes, to achieve automatic adjustment.

electric actuators according to its functionality is divided into switch model, external regulation, intelligent, if condition requires only simple implementation open and close, the choice of the switch type, like reservoir! If the customer need a medium flow control, accurate requires external regulation, like all kinds of paper factory, we will strictly control the thickness and weight of a sheet of paper, so choose external regulation with v-shaped ball valve can!

in industrial production, electric regulator is the most widely used. Electric control valve is made up of actuator and adjusting mechanism ( Valve) The two parts. Valve parts has been introduced in front, so only introduce electric actuators in the electric control valve.

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