The basic principle of indoor temperature controller and application scope

by:Edison      2020-08-24

indoor thermostat thermostat basic principle and application scope of the basic principle: the thermostat control line and points within the tank is linked together, to control the size of the coil current. Each temperature controller with a temperature probe, can through the hvac thermostat set temperature. On the choice of location is required, first of all, try not to close to the door window, preferably in a point to represent the average temperature of the room. Is generally and switch side by side, we can choose from a far place, so that its perceived temperature is average. Area of the larger space when installing a coil, the ground must be set expansion joints, according to the regulations of the state, any side of the room more than 6 meters in length, or in an area of more than 30, we are required to set up contraction joint. Because the coil installed with backfill material such as cement, river sand, stone, form the heat storage layer, and this will be one layer with the temperature of the water in the coil heat bilges cold shrink, so take shrinkage joint, or it will ground adornment layer ( The floor) Will appear damage, cracking. The installation of expansion joint is to have cultured, usually long side of the room is installed vertically, not through the expansion joints as far as possible the second coil, if through the coil in the equipped with hoses, the use of this is to avoid in the later, the heat storage layer of heat bilges cold shrink caused by ground act the role of material to break from the point of application scope, mechanical thermostat cover a wide range of applications in the field of home appliance production almost all appliances need this spare parts, in recent years, rapid development in the Chinese electrical appliances industry, mechanical thermostat market has maintained a supply and demand two prosperous development momentum, driven in many national policy support, home appliance machine production and sales of rejuvenation, is significantly increased on purchases of the hvac thermostat, mechanical hvac thermostat is still the thermostat to market demand to see the market in the pillar.

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